Fathom your wealth

Fathom your wealth

Because knowing where you need to be, starts with understanding where you are.


Orca is a secure digital vault, elegantly storing and visualising all your assets, liabilities, people and documents in one place. We give you the big picture, so you can make better strategic choices about your wealth.


Because wealth can be complex

Orca gives you the complete strategic picture

View all your assets, liabilities, people and documents in a single location


Because business is never a solo endeavour

Orca enables decisive, collaborative action

Everything you and your people need to know when it is time to act


Because others are depending on you

Orca is only wherever you are

Securely encrypted and uniquely yours – for the protection of your legacy and their futures


Our Story


We are three technically experienced founders, based in Switzerland, who have witnessed first-hand the complexity of dealing with wealth.

Confounded by the opacity and siloes of traditional finance, we developed a tool that would bring all the elements and their interconnectedness into one visual place.

The result is Orca.

Orca enhances your strategic potential, enabling you to make smarter decisions by day, and sleep easier at night.

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